Am mai crescut și mi-am dorit să mă fac producător de film.

În noaptea asta sunt Oscarurile sau, după mine, cea mai faină noapte după noaptea de Crăciun.

De când eram mică am fost fascinată de industria asta a cinematografiei, un pic arogantă și foarte glamorous. Mă gândeam oare cum o fi pe platourile de filmare, în noaptea premierei și în toate emisiunile alea gen The Tonight Show, în care mergi să-ți promovezi cel mai nou film.

Am mai crescut și mi-am dorit să mă fac producător de film. Scopul era foarte simplu: să iau cel mai mare premiu, Oscarul pentru Best Picture. Încă nu m-am lăsat de idee, stați liniștiți.

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10 years and an emerald green dress

In 2008, readers of In Style magazine voted Keira Knightley’s green dress from the movie Atonement (2007) as the Best Costume of All Time.

The dress was designed by Jacqueline Durran, after “the rich emerald green colour was specially requested by Atonement’s director Joe Wright”, for it expressed temptation, one of the main subjects of the movie. Also, one of the meanings of emerald green lies in “importality”, so that dress was there to last.

What’s more, “Keira Knightley’s character, Cecilia Tallis, is seen wearing only variations of green (apart from her regulation nurse’s uniform) following the incarceration of her love Robbie (James McAvoy). Subscribing absolute denotation to the colour is impossible, so by very definition it becomes mysterious.

And since there are only a few iconic green dresses in the history of cinema (see also Vivien Leigh’s green ensemble in Gone with the Wind), the beautiful emerald green dress from Atonement will go as a masterpiece in movie costumes history.

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Manchester by the Sea (2016) – „A loss so unmentionable it will not be mentioned”

Manchester by the Sea (2016) might just be my favorite movie this year. I’m glad Casey Affleck  is back in this particular story.

The film is about an uncle (Casey Affleck as Lee) who becomes the tutor of his teenage nephew, after the boy’s father dies. We don’t know much of Lee at the beginning of the movie, we are only getting to know his nephew and the story that brings these two together.

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„I guess I’ll see you in the movies.” – La La Land (2016)

“I’m letting life hit me until it gets tired. Then I’ll hit back. It’s a classic rope-a-dope.”

One of the few lines I liked in La La Land. I watched it after Manchester by the Sea, so I have mixed feelings.

I’m a huge old movies fan – I’ve spent my highschool years watching old Hollywood from its shy 1920’s to its golden age up in the 60s. I loved how filmmakers were bringing the stories to big screens, while experiencing new ways of entertainment every decade.

They had such a liberty to create, to innovate and to play with their characters, that “being in the movies” meant you were to become a pretty important stone in the history of cinematic experiences.

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