3 news to read in bed

1. Showtime presents a brand new trailer for one of those perfect TV series that have ever been on air: Dexter. The show turns 10 years old this year, so the network is giving fans  „a chance to vote on their favorite episodes on the premium cabler’s website over a four-week period, culminating in a #Dexter10 Fan Marathon with the top ten picks on Saturday, October 1.”

2. BBC will bring seven more Agatha Christie adaptations to the screen in the next four years!

3. 177 film critics from 36 countries named the 100 best movies from the 21st century, with one of the greatest stories ever (and, in my opinion, David Lynch’s best picture) as the best film of the 21st century to date and a Romanian production in top 20! Very proud, indeed 🙂

Cover photo source: The Red List


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