„M-ai visat vreodată?”


– M-ai visat vreodată?

– Da. Chiar am vrut să-ți povestesc.

– Ce făceam? Unde eram?

– Tu nu erai. Eram eu în gară, așteptam trenul. Așteptam să vină, să vii tu.

– De unde știi că eram eu în tren?

– M-am trezit și prima dată m-am gândit la tine.

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Goodbye, Gilmore Girls


I just finished watching the last episode of Gilmore Girls “A Year in the life”. I won’t share much of it yet, cause it’s still fresh on Netflix and I know for sure that some of my friends didn’t watch it yet.

After 10 years, it’s still a great joy watching those girls in their small town of Stars Hollow, where the biggest trouble is that they’re not allowed to have a bar in town. 

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Back on Boogie Street


Goodbye. One of my favorite gentlemen and one of my favorite songs.

“Boogie Street” is a song written by Leonard Cohen and published on his 2001 album “Ten New Songs”. The lyrics are real and so wonderful, and the song is beautifully put together in two voices.

When it came to the title, Leonard Cohen said: There is an actual Boogie Street in the world. It’s in Singapore. I don’t know if it’s still there. I was coming home from a tour of Australia many years ago and during the day Boogie Street is a scene of intense commercial activity. In fact, there’s a lot of little stalls where bootleg records are sold. […] There was that kind of bazaar feeling. And at night, it was a scene of intense and alarming sexual exchange. Prostitution, and . . . everything seemed to be available. I don’t even know if it was prostitution. It just seemed to be mutual availability. Boogie Street to me was that street of work and desire, the ordinary life and also the place we live in most of the time that is relieved by the embrace of your children, or the kiss of your beloved, or the peak experience in which you yourself are dissolved, and there is no one to experience it so you feel the refreshment when you come back from those moments.” [from Cohencentric.com]

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I was reading a wonderful piece about Anna Karina and it reminded me of Serge Gainsbourg (and Godard, of course).

I’ll just kindly ask you to play the song below.

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