„I guess I’ll see you in the movies.” – La La Land (2016)


“I’m letting life hit me until it gets tired. Then I’ll hit back. It’s a classic rope-a-dope.”

One of the few lines I liked in La La Land. I watched it after Manchester by the Sea, so I have mixed feelings.

I’m a huge old movies fan – I’ve spent my highschool years watching old Hollywood from its shy 1920’s to its golden age up in the 60s. I loved how filmmakers were bringing the stories to big screens, while experiencing new ways of entertainment every decade.

They had such a liberty to create, to innovate and to play with their characters, that “being in the movies” meant you were to become a pretty important stone in the history of cinematic experiences.

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Niște cuvinte din filmele pe care le-am văzut în 2016


N-am văzut multe filme anul ăsta, sincer zic. Ba chiar am văzut mult mai puține decât mi-aș fi dorit. Iar una dintre rezoluțiile pentru 2017 este să mă întorc puțin la vechiul obicei de a vedea cel puțin 9-10 filme pe lună. And mark my word, it’s gonna happen.

Am văzut, totuși, niște filme tare simpatice anul ăsta. Plus vreo două seriale care mi-au marcat nopțile. Plus încă o tură de Beverly Hills 90210 (ăla original, anii ’90, chestii…), serie ce rămâne în continuare un real guilty pleasure pentru mine.

Am văzut și niște filme dezamăgitoare (foooarte dezamăgitoare).  Așa că o să trec rapid prin ce mi-a plăcut și ce nu mi-a plăcut.

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A thought and a movie for Christmas Day – It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)


I think I already said this in an older post: every year, on Christmas Eve, I read ‘A Christmas Carol’. It’s kind of a personal tradition, I guess.

Lst year on Christmas I started a new tradition: watching “It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)” on Cristmas Eve or Christmas Day.  No other better time to watch this bautiful masterpiece.

James Stewart and Donna Reed are incredibly beautiful in this immortal Frank Capra classic about family and friendship.

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