Clothes on film: Little black dress & All About Eve

Some of the strongest words I have ever read are Betty Davis’ opinions about Hollywood and women’s condition, in general. With a sparkle of cockiness, her words perfectly describe they way she managed to turn herself into one of those faces you didn’t want to miss.

I have recently watched Feud, an anthology series created by Ryan Murphy, based on the neverending differences between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, with Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford and Susan Sarandon in the role of Betty Davis. I loved the re-creation of their relationship, focusing on the filming of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane. And that’s when I remembered how much I looove Bete Davis and how much I loved her fashion style and acting. 

So, I’m using this series of clothes on film to share one of my favorite outfits in classic cinema: Bette Davis’ black dress in All About Eve (1950). Her costumes for the movie were created by Edith Head, a well-known costume designer in the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Edith Head created the simple, beautiful black dress Betty Davis wore in the famous party scene from All About Eve, probably the best known costume from the movie. A story says that the dress was too small for Bette and Edith didn’t have enough time to fix it on the set of the movie, so she just rethought the way the dress should be worn and made Bette wear the sleeves off the shoulders. And the result was gorgeous. Perfect to inspire us 67 years later 🙂







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