Empire Records. Open ’till Midnight.

I first watched Empire Records because I liked the idea: a day in the lives of a record store’s employees. A really cool story focusing on the relationships that happen among the employees, between them and their boss and, of course, between them and their customers.

We see characters and personalities that adapt differently to the daily situations, while learning from each other important lessons about life and people in general. And ,of course, the choice of music is brilliant, since it all takes place in a record store.

Empire Records is a coming-of age american movie, directed by Allan Moyle, and starring Liv Tyler, Renee Zellweger, Robin Tunney, Anthony LaPaglia, Rory Cochrane and Ethan Embry. The realism and the authenticity of the characters (who illustrate the classic types of american teenagers) turned Empire Records into the movie of a generation.

I watched over 10 times the scene in which Anthony LaPaglia blows off steam on ACDC’s If You Want Blood (You got it). And I kept singing Edwyn Collins’ A girl like you, for a few days after Empire Records reminded me of it.

I’ll leave the trailer here. And I totally recommend the movie.

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