Goodbye, Gilmore Girls

I just finished watching the last episode of Gilmore Girls “A Year in the life”. I won’t share much of it yet, cause it’s still fresh on Netflix and I know for sure that some of my friends didn’t watch it yet.

After 10 years, it’s still a great joy watching those girls in their small town of Stars Hollow, where the biggest trouble is that they’re not allowed to have a bar in town. 

I missed those dialogues and music so much, that when I first heard them on Friday night I traveled back in time 10 years ago, when I first saw Rory and Lorelai on TV and, for the first time, I was watching two girls who weren’t afraid to talk too much and share everything on their minds.

From that moment on, I became the biggest Gilmore Girls fan and I rewatched the entire series for at least 4 times (the full series), and from time to time I find myself watching a few episodes from the 3rd season (which is my favorite), cause it just makes me go back to simpler times.

This weekend, I visited Stars Hollow once again with the Gilmore Girls and laughed, cried and lived some of the most beautiful dialogues that I missed so much. I won’t talk about the filming and some parts of story (I’m not pleased with all of it, really), but I’ll just leave here the quotes that I most enjoyed this weekend. I’m saving them here, as a goodbye for the girls. Big fan, really 🙂

Luke: What are you doing?

Lorelai: Organizing my magazines by Kardashian.


Taylor: There just aren’t enough gays in Stars Hollow!

People: How is that possible?

Babette: We have such cute houses.


Emily: Hanging out is not permanent. Marriage is permanent.

Lorelai: Marriage is permanent? Uh, Liz Taylor just rose from the grave to say, ‘Whuuut?’


Paris: It’s kill or be killed. I’m not talking about ‘The Art of War’. No, that’s a tiptoe through the tulips compared to what you’ll find beyond these walls. Betrayal, deception… and that’s just in the bedroom!


Taylor: You will be so kind as to let RZA and Busta Rhymes know that they’re not allowed to rap anymore?

Gypsy: How does he know those names?


Lorelai: Everything in my life has something to do with coffee. I believe in a former life, I was coffee.

Emily: I can’t spend any more time and energy on artifice and bullshit.

Lorelai: You don’t move or change ever. There’s a picture of you in the attic that Dorian Gray is consulting copyright lawyers about.


And my two personal favorite:

Paris: I’m the Pablo Escobar of the fertility world.

Michel (when interviewing a candidate to take over his position at the Dragonfly Inn): So your name is Molly. Why?



Luke and Jess (source: eonline)


Lorelai, Rory & Luke (source: eonline)


Rory, Luke, Emily & Lorelai (source:


Mrs. Kim, Lane & Rory (source: moviefone)

Rory and Lorelai (source: VOX)

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