I got on a train and ran away. For a couple of hours.

Back in highschool, I used to take my friends to the railway station in Brasov. We would buy some snacks and some sodas and sit on the old chairs in the railway station watching how the trains come and go and thinking about all the places that we could go to.

All of us wanted to travel, move to other cities, sometimes we just wanted to get on a train and go somewhere, didn’t really matter where.

Sometimes I find myself thinking about getting on a random train and waiting to see where it takes me. Last week I had one of those days, except I got on a train knowing where I wanted to go. And I got off in Busteni, Romania, on my way to visit the Cantacuzino Castle.

Even though I lived 50 minutes away from the castle for 24 years, this was the first time I ever saw it. Until October 16th there is a Van Gogh-themed exhibition – “Moving Van Gogh” – and I got the chance to see the exhibition and learn a few more things about the famous Dutch painter.

I also walked around the garden, taking some photos with my old friend – the cellphone – (the view is breathtaking, especially if it’s a rainy day and you get to see the beautiful cloudy mountains) and, of course, had a coffee on a swing chair.

I might go back on a sunny day, only to see how the brown castle shines in the sun. ‘Till then, here are a few things I saw today:

Cantacuzino 1

Cantacuzino 2

Cantacuzino 3

Cantacuzino 4

Cantacuzino 6



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