Old towns, stripes and a green umbrella

I don’t want this to become a habit, but I am so proud and happy with a few shots taken these past few days during some of my long walks, that I really have to share them 🙂

I now present you what I like to call “my Carrie Bradshaw skirt” and a pretty green umbrella that I borrowed from my friend Cristina (because of a rainy situation), that reminded me of the green scarf from Confessions of a Shopaholic (cause of the color). No relation to the movie, though.

I said this before, I looove long walks. I don’t think there’s anything more relaxing than walking around with no plan and just staring at everything you find in your way. I’m pretty good at this, so well, I’ll keep on doing it as long as I’ll have my legs and my long list of thoughts.

Enough talking. I’ll leave these here:

blog 05

blog 01

blog 02

blog 03

blog 04

blog 06

blog 07

blog 08

blog 09

blog 10

blog 11

blog 12

blog 13

blog 14

blog 15

Photos taken in Sibiu, Romania.

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