Sometimes you watch a movie for Grace Kelly’s dresses

Grace Kelly’s style gave us some of the most iconic outfits in the history of film.

Every piece of clothing she wore in her films was a statement of style and elegance, always illustrating the time’s fashion. Some of her most iconic appearances were in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window (1954). She wore 5 outfits and worked closely with her good friend (and probably the most famous movie costumer), Edith Head.

In Rear Window, Grace Kelly is Lisa, the enthusiastic girlfriend of James Stewart’s character, Jeff, an individual as opposed to Lisa’s personality as you would imagine.

Grace’s style shines throughout the entire movie, illustrating some of the most representative women’s clothing style from the 1950s, including dresses and casual wear.

The “Paris dress” is one of the most iconic looks that Grace Kelly wore on screen. The “full skirt to mid-calf, gathered and layered in chiffon and tulle” gives the impression of a ballerina, while with the “fitted black bodice with deep V cut down to the bust”, Edith Head pre-dated Christian Dior’s Corolle line from 1955, as nicely points out.






My second favorite piece from the movie is the green midi-length jacket with stand-up collar, “a style reminiscent of the designs of Cristóbal Balenciaga”. However, the most beautiful is, in my opinion, the white silk halterneck, that Grace beautifully gathered at the waist. Is the simplest and most elegant part of the entire piece. I love it.







I’ll probably be back with more of Grace Kelly’s movie costumes, cause I can’t get enough of them. Until then, watch Rear Window, I bet you’ll like it 🙂

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