And my all time favorite Halloween movie is…


In America, October means one thing: Halloween. Lots of TV networks play special Halloween programs, most TV shows have an episode that focuses on this popular night and, of course, the entire week before Halloween people can watch some really cool movies on TV.

Around this time, only a few years ago, I discovered Hocus Pocus, which has quickly become my favorite Halloween movie. Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker are absolutely amazing. And the movie is so relaxing, the time just flies away. I remember I used to watch Hocus Pocus with my brother every time they played it on TV and we were having the best time. We would never get bored, even if we had watched the film several times before.

Thora Birch is in the center of the action and she’s adorable. She shows that sincere joy a child feels when he or she is getting ready for the spooky Halloween night. Her brother must not only take care of her, but of his new relationship with the girl of his dreams, too. And this will be the trio that must fight the evil witches who want to steal little Thora Birch’s youth.

We also have a spooky song, a black cat, a zombie, lots of Halloween costumes, a party, bullies and some really adorable children. Hocus Pocus is a family movie and a pretty good one, too. A movie that shows all those Halloween clichés in such a cool manner, that you won’t even care about all the other Halloween movies. After you’ve watched Hocus Pocus, you’ll wanna watch it again.

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