Manchester by the Sea (2016) – „A loss so unmentionable it will not be mentioned”

Manchester by the Sea (2016) might just be my favorite movie this year. I’m glad Casey Affleck  is back in this particular story.

The film is about an uncle (Casey Affleck as Lee) who becomes the tutor of his teenage nephew, after the boy’s father dies. We don’t know much of Lee at the beginning of the movie, we are only getting to know his nephew and the story that brings these two together.

As Telegraph described it, “Manchester by the Sea is about a loss so unmentionable it cannot and will not be mentioned, because the whole structure of the film, Kenneth Lonergan’s third as a writer-director, demands that we wait to discover what it is.”

The movie is so beauitifully telling the story of family, guilt and resignation, that it might work as a treatment for pain and soul.  Lee learns a lot from Patrick, his nephew (good performance from Lucas Hedges), while Patrick is confronting life with an unexpected maturity and understanding.

In about 2 hours we learn how to face a tragedy and how to try to move on in times of terrible change.

Manchester by the Sea is the first movie in the history of cinema that is distributed by a streaming service – Amazon – and received a Best Picture nomination (Amazon acquired the rights to the film at Sundance Festival last year). The movie has 6 Oscar nominations (including for the three acting performances of Casey Affleck – Best Actor, Michelle Williams – Best Supporting Actress, and Lucas Hedges – Best Supporting Actor).

And well, Casey Affleck, for his touch of feeling and emotion in an American dramatic story of loss and family (two of the most beloved topics of the Academy) will be this year’s Best Actor in a Leading Role.

And that’s all I’m saying here, so watch the movie. You’ll want to have a chance to talk about it.

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