A thought and a movie for Christmas Day – It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

I think I already said this in an older post: every year, on Christmas Eve, I read ‘A Christmas Carol’. It’s kind of a personal tradition, I guess.

Lst year on Christmas I started a new tradition: watching “It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)” on Cristmas Eve or Christmas Day.  No other better time to watch this bautiful masterpiece.

James Stewart and Donna Reed are incredibly beautiful in this immortal Frank Capra classic about family and friendship.


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It’s a Wonderful Life is really about the wonderful life we are all living.

What would happen to the people you love if you weren’t part of their lives?

How would they be like?

Is it really possible for one person to be able to leave his/her mark on the lives of those around them?

We never ask ourselves these questions. And It’s a Wonderful Life is about the small things that make our life big. And the smallest thing, that one thing we hardly ever think about is ourself. I believe this is a movie that everybody should watch at least once a year.

Let’s think more about ourselves and cherish all the people we have in our lives. They really are there for a reason: us.

Happy Holidays!


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